What Is the Best Material for Gravestones?

For centuries, headstones have been extensively used in commemoration of a lost family member or friend. Hence, to mark such an important event, you should choose the best material for your gravestones. In this article, we have outlined various high-quality materials that you could use for your cemetery plot:

• Granite

Granite is one of the strongest natural stones and is usually available in fascinating colors such as tropical green, blue pearl, light pink, jet black, etc. For this reason, granite is the most globally accepted material for making both gravestones and grave markers. Furthermore, granite is considered the most affordable and reliable material due to its ability to withstand harsh climatic changes.

• Marble

Marble is definitely the ideal option for making intricate headstone designs. However, the main disadvantage of using marble is that when it is exposed to acidic substances such as acidic rain, the inscriptions on it tend to fade and become invisible with continuous exposure.

• Bronze

Many headstones and monuments are made out of bronze. This is not only because bronze does not require frequent maintenance but also because it is available in numerous designing options. Nonetheless, headstones made out of bronze are pretty costly compared to those made of granite due to the high cost of copper.

• Sandstone

Sandstone is most certainly the best option for making highly customized headstones. This is due to its ability to be easily carved into different shapes and sizes to fit your design requirements. It is also available in various colors that range from sandy to grey. However, the main disadvantage of using sandstone is that it is severely damaged when frequently exposed to wet conditions.

Which One Is Best?

When choosing a headstone material, you should first consider its durability. Marble and granite make for the most durable gravestones. That said, you should also consider your budget and pick a material that fits within it.