The Most Popular Materials to Use for Gravestones

With technology, you now have many types of designs and writings you can put on your gravestones. However, basic materials used have been unchanged for centuries. Listed below are some of the most used materials in gravestones and monuments:


Granite is a unique stone with natural beauty. After its acquisation in large chunks, its polished and shaped. It represents arguably and expensive grave marker material thanks to its ability to resist high heat, low temperatures and acid rain. Once you have it set, you can rest assured it won’t be straightforward to clean, thanks to a white film that builds over time. With excellent polishing, it should bring its lustre back.


Bronze has been used for making gravestones for centuries. This metal alloy is quite popular since it does not require much maintenance. One good thing with bronze gravestones is that you can get them in various designs and options. What’s even better is that they are more affordable than other materials used for gravestones.


If you are looking for a material that can produce intricate gravestone designs, marble got you covered. Most monuments made out of this material are quite attractive and appealing to our eye. However, a problem with marble is that when exposed to acidic rain, inscriptions done on it begin to fade away until they are unreadable over time. It’s a high maintenance material, and people looking for a high-quality product tend to look elsewhere.

Concrete or cement

One reasons why many people choose concrete it’s because it can be shaped and formed in unique ways. It is susceptible to mould and mildew. Gravestones made of this material should be cleaned frequently.

It’s vital to choose a material that can last for a long time. Often, marble and granite are go-to choices when seeking a durable option. Based on your budget, choose a material you are comfortable with.